Squaring awkwardness

Ok. So this shit (my column) is almost a year old, and all that’s up here is two original pieces and two dusty school essays.

Have I found my motivation to actually write something?

Well, dear reader (by which I am addressing myself as no one actually reads this thing) perhaps.

ASSSCAT 3000 has inspired me.

Last night, I took my single lady self down to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to watch ASSSSCAT 3000. (The 7:30pm show, in case you’re wondering, because I am an old woman with a lame day job). Amy Poehler was there. Seth Meyers was there. Other, less famous people who I can’t be bothered to Google were there. A high school drama class from Virginia who saw Lion King earlier that day where there (again, I enjoy my early bedtime, coolness be damned).

It was the best thing I’ve done since moving (next door to) New York City.

I get inspired a lot. Then I usually take a nap and forget about it. And it’s led me to this pivotal moment in my life. Not that this one is any different from the others, but….ok, the point is watching the show was a great happy wake-up. And they offer classes for pretty much anyone. Taking these classes could improve my writing. It could transform me from the journalist I am into the comedy writer I could be. (I also thought about how I prefer fantasy to reality this weekend).

This is where the awkwardness comes it. I sincerely believe it’s a humongous asset to writing, but when blown at ya from the wrong angle, it slows you down.

If I decide to asssssscat it up, and take some improve classes, what’ll happen? May I direct your attention to the notes below:

Reasons for success:

  1. I’m funny. Occasionally.
  2. I know how to use words. Sometimes.
  3. I like good stories and in the right mood I can tell animated, crazy ass stories.
  4. I have some life experience and know how to keep going after I mess up.
  5. Because.

Reasons for failure:

  1. I’m awkward.
  2. I can freeze around other people.
  3. My pale skin can blush & do other unattractive things when I’m put on the spot.
  4. Other people in the class would be better than me.
  5. Laziness & self-doubt.

So that’s the list. Five good, five bad. Let’s see what happens.

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