Happy High Line Summer, NYC!

The Summer Solstice is here and with it comes Make Music New York (MMNY), an all day celebration of music around the city. That’s great, except most of the wonderful shows are during the day when lame-o’s with day jobs (that’s me!) can’t make it. Luckily, a few of the show are saved for the after work crowd.

As soon as I unchained myself from my desk, I headed over to the newly opened second section of the High Line to see Hungry March Band.

On my walk down to the section of the park where the band was gathering I got tricked out of a dollar by a kid claiming to be collecting money for Brooklyn Wild Cats’ football uniforms.

He got me at a moment of weakness when I had some freaky organic pop sickle shoved in my mouth, and a heavy laptop strapped to my back. I made sure to moan and roll my eyes when I dug into my wallet (and the pop sickle dripped down my chin)  so he understood how unjust I thought it was for me to part with so much money. But the little kids get me sometimes.

Then he left, and I thought: 1) it’s not football season, 2) this is a long way from Brooklyn. Does he come out here because he knows he can sucker the bleeding heart crowd? Grrrrr. I want my dollar back. I could use it as a down payment on my next overpriced icy pop.

Anyway, after some obligatory waiting around, there was a parade. And I marched along. And here are some more pictures.

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