Rooftop Films flop in Williamsburg

Filmgoers @ Crown Vic, pre-cop bust

Movies. Summer nights. Rooftop access. A magical combination of elements that fizzled out for me on Thursday night. So excited to see my first outdoor movie of the summer, a Rooftop Films showing of Home Movie and Commercial Kings at Crown Vic in Williamsburg. Too bad it never happened.

The first warning sign was that the so-called rooftop film was actually showing on the ground floor of Williamsburg’s latest and greatest soon to open bar, Crown Vic. The Emperor’s New Clothes version of the location is this: a hipster-esq parking lot with folding chairs and colorful graffiti on the wooden fence.

Still, things got off to a decent start with a few beers and a performance by Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone. Then – get ready for show time? – one of the organizers steps to the mike and announces that even though they’ve had 15 years of flawless, law abiding shows, tonight’s performance has been unceremoniously canceled by Brooklyn’s finest. No further explanation given.

Despite the cop bust, both refunds and a free ticket to another show were given. Better luck next time.

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