Bleeding Hearts wants you to use your imagination

Throw them a bone already. They went all out for you.

I used to be creative and have an imagination. Then, somehow, all that goodness faded. But sometimes when people or things force me to remember it, I do my best to oblige.

Enter Futurist and their Bleeding Hearts interactive album release party, or some nonsense like that. Actually less pretentious and more enjoyable than you might imagine. I’m not going to fill in all the details because that would take away from the message, which was…love? Who knows? It was an event one Thursday night at Rebel NYC.

We were told to write messages about love on banana leaves, roll them up and fasten with a toothpick, then throw them into a kiddy pool where performers would dance on them and make our wishes come true. We were also told to put messages about love on rolled up pieces of paper, then put them into a heart shaped balloon and throw the balloons behind a couch (really. I think maybe the last part wasn’t thought out well, but who am I to judge) and our wishes would come true.

And we wandered around from room to room, up and down staircases covered in streamers like some Height-Ashbury haunted house. There was live music and painted people and crystal chandeliers.

My imagination made a reappearance for a while, then faded away again. But it’s always nice to see an old friend, even if they can’t stay for as long as you want.

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