Estria International Graffiti Battle = fail

classic new york. the line, not the bridge.

Yeah, I have an easy life. But I gotta mouth and a blog and I bitch. Today, let’s focus on the crowds. The masses of NYC draw the famous and the infamous here for us to ogle. Perfect. Until it comes to the lines, the crowds, the sold out tickets, and the hordes of sheep with the biggest Canon that will fit around their neck.

Most of the time, I go with the flow, but sometimes, say, when you turn the corner in Dumbo on your way to the Estria International Graffiti Battle and you see the line stretch down the street, you just give up. Which is fine, because it’s not like you had to wait in that line for clean water or HIV meds. And besides, there’s probably another festival on the next block.

But on the Estria International Graffiti Battle I gave up. Instead I took pictures of the graffiti outside of the ticketed area, listened to the music that traveled through the chain link fence, ate some ice cream, and took in the city skyline with the wedding parties getting their picture taken. Like I said, an easy life.

thank god lego man knows the street art from the crap on a wall

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