Tinariwen do it just right

Tinariwen, if you're about to rock, we salute you

Excellent. It started good, and kept getting better and better. The group Tinariwen played the Highline Ballroom on Thursday with House of Water opening. It was one of the best shows I’ve been to in a while. They play the kind of music that makes you drop your spine and sway your ass back and forth, and you spend most of the show with a goofy smile on your face because you’re that kind of happy. (Similar to when you accidentally get drunk in your bedroom while listening to Led Zeppelin. Apologies for the lack of a more sophisticated musical reference, but you know what I mean here.)

Tinariwen isn’t the type of group that plays in the city everyday. They don’t dress like they shop at Bushwick R’ Us. They dress in flowing robes from the Sahara desert. They formed in Mali by way of Libya (or so says a Wiki).

And most importantly, they really rock in the true spirit of the term. Near the end of the show the music reminded me of a simple and straight on recommendation I once received. I was buying a Howlin’ Wolf CD in Cleveland, and the clerk said “I think you’re really going to rock out to this.” So true.

I think you’re really going to rock out to Tinariwen. Buy yourself a ticket to the show.

Editor's note: someone forgot to bring her modern A/V equipment to the show. sorry for the crap photo

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