Trailer Park Lounge chow time with I Yum New York

welcome to barf city!

I believe it was Anthony Bourdain who said my body’s not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Easier said than lived. And if your body’s not an amusement park, but a trailer park, well, then, god help you.

Between my recent agenda of coveting Airstreams and going to Wanda Jackson concerts, it was only a matter of time before I ended up in a trailer park. It’s a slightly tricky feat to pull off when you’re beatin’ the pavement in Manhattan, but if you head over to West 23rd Street you can find the Trailer Park Lounge.

It’s been around for a while, so maybe the novelty has worn off for the locals, but as someone who’s seen their toilet bowl on the sidewalk our front, but never been inside, it was a treat. And by treat I mean a chili covered mess I had to chase with several Tums.

First up, the decor. There’s part of an authentic looking old trailer lining one wall with a few folding lawn chairs beside it for good measure. Velvet Elvis paintings, candy colored Christmas lights, and a splash of taxidermy help with the vibe. There’re actually so many treasures lining the walls that it would probably take a few visits to identify everything.

My pal I Yum New York and I were lucky enough to sit next to a rotating glass shrine to Tonya Harding (that’s right) filled with talismans from her career including an ice skate, porn VHS, and autographed boxing glove (that’s right). Are you picturing it? Spinning in a glass case?

Since we were there for dinner and I’d gotten into the spirit of the place, I decided it would be a good idea to order some Champaign in a can (aka Sofia Blanc de Blancs mini) and pair it with tater tots covered in chili, bacon, and cheddar cheese, with sour cream and jalapeños (probably from a jar) on the side, because putting it on top would cross a line.

Needless to say my weak yuppie stomach starting burning only a few bites into my meal. But it was fun. Check out I Yum New York’s blog for the official and trademarked food review.

By the way, I Yum and I made a pact that the next meal we share will be tame. She’s envisioning leafy greens. I’m hoping for buttered toast. Either way it’s sure to be a doosy.

See more photos of the Trailer Park Lounge in NYC.

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