Band of Horses crawl away from Kings of Leon

new york city ordinance requires iPhone documentation of all concerts

About a week after Kings of Leon flaked out on their tour, openers Band of Horses pulled together to carry on and play a show at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Well done, boys.

The band started and ended the show thanking everyone and their brother for helping them arrange a last minute tour. (well, probably everyone but Jared Followill’s brother…)

Following the rounds of gratitude were gentle digs at KOL. After playing a song that name dropped North Carolina and Savanna, singer Ben Bridwell said you have to talk about the south if you’re a southern band, then turned to his band mates and said let’s be a mid-western band. By the end of the show, the allusions of grace were gone as he yelled LET’S END THIS WEIRD ASS TOUR.

Throughout the group played great music and were laughing and seemed to be having a great time among themselves and with the audience. This is what I look for in a band, great music and a sense of humor and perspective. Spare me your tour bus excess, please.

They also showed a nice amount of cheerful self-deprivation in a way that didn’t sound like they were just posing for Pitchfork. After playing their song No one’s gonna love you, Bridwell told the audience that a superior version of that song could be found on Ce-Lo’s new record.

Anyway, below is the video of the Evening Kitchen performance from the encore. Probably the quietest song of the night.

Band of Horses_Evening Kitchen @ Hammerstein Ballroom NYC 8.10.11 from ZsaZsa Balza on Vimeo.

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