Yarn bombing and Fox News invade Wall Street

12 08 2011
Don't steal from the public, says the yarn bombardier

Don't steal from the public, says the yarn bombardier

As the American economy continues to suck ass, Wall Street’s being invaded by yarn bombers and Fox News. Still, the general mood on the asphalt of Wall Street is apathy (and gawking tourism).

Probably because the stock market doesn’t have the same physical hold on the neighborhood as it used to, things here are pretty quiet during the morning of August 12, 2011. But also because the country’s not as angry as it needs to be. We don’t need the riots London saw earlier this week, but we need something.

At home, we have a generation of college graduates crippled by student debt. Abroad, we owe so much money to China that they’re about to demand our proverbial first born, despite their one child policy.

So get with it America. A country this lazy can’t be expected to grow its own food, but I have the feeling that pretty soon we’re all going to have to remember how to make a victory garden. Are we up for that? We’re going to have to be. The only alternative is for the government to grow a pair, and that’s as unlikely as increasing the voter turnout rate.

fox news + wall street = we're so fucked



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19 11 2011
Occupy Wall Street in the days before the bust « The ZsaZsa Balza Column

[…] (And I was hoping for this shit months ago when all I got was yarn bombing.) […]

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