How to pack for a Botswana safari

artist’s rendering. actual packing is more chaotic.

Hold on to your passports, ZsaZsa is going on safari! It’s about a week until my Botswana adventure begins, and just the right time to think about what to pack. There are the no-brainers that anyone would know to include, items like electricity converters and eye masks. But there are a few more ZsaZsa essentials that travelers should pick up to complete their safari prep work.

miniatures are advised when camping (that includes mascara, darling)

September Vogue: Try to coordinate your longest flight of the year with the longest issue of Vogue. (The first leg of my flight is JFK to J’burg, so I’ll have about 16 uninterrupted hours to research fall fashions.) And remember those old “Beat me with 10 lbs. of Vogue” Gawker t-shirts? The weighty mag doubles as a self-defense tool in hostile locations.

Baby powder for your hair: Sprinkle baby powder on your hair to cut down on grease when you’re camping in the bush sans shower. It’s far superior to waterless shampoos. Trust it.

Aviator sunglasses: Although I love campy, glam-o-rama style sunglasses, I aim for something sleek and James Bond sexy when I travel. I don’t know why. Maybe there’s a Darwinian explanation for it, but it definitely classes up the vacation photos.

Leather duffel bag: So the porters are going to hate me for using a heavy leather duffel bag over a light weight nylon one. But this one time I’m going for it. I picked up my new bag for 50 cents at a church rummage sale in West Grove, PA. Never underestimate the power of a small town rummage sale to fulfill all of your international travel dreams.

if george clooney can get malaria, what hope is there for us mortals?

Between the over-the-weight-limit luggage and mysterious white powder in your hair, you, too, can expect to have a fabulous time on safari!

As for me, I’ll be starting in Gaborone, taking the night bus to Kasane, popping over to Chobe to see some big game, taking a Mokoro trip in the Okavango Delta and driving across the Ntwetwe Pan with quads bikes. God willing, things will go (mostly) as planned.

Looking forward to sharing the highlights when I return!

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