Outdoor films: Biutiful in Socrates Sculpture Park

those steps are a gift to short people watching outdoor films

Outdoor films and reading subtitles don’t usually mix.

This didn’t occur to me until I was sitting in The New Los Portales restaurant in Long Island City waiting for my burrito. I had made it all the way to Queens, almost to Socrates Sculpture Park, when the thought struck.

However logical that idea is, I got lucky (plus I got a seat close to the screen, and the subtitles were yellow – the easiest to read) so I was able to follow the story of Biutiful.

I was there for the Thursday night showing of Alejandro Ganzalez Inarritu’s film presented by epix and Rooftop Films, among others. (This is the second Rooftop Film I’ve been to. The first one got busted by the cops before the show began, and although this one went off without a hitch, it was not on a rooftop. Just sayin’.)

It was one of what seems like a million free outdoor film screening around the city. Try to see at least one before the summer fades away.

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