Museum of the Moving Image is awesome

Yo, Museum of the Moving Image is a good museum. I went there to check out the Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibit and fell in love with everything about the place, including the all white, spaceship-esq bathrooms. (I know that design’s been done before, but it still blows my lame mind every time!)

There was a wait to enter the Jim Henson exhibit (the only section you can’t photograph. bummer) so I checked out the rest of the third floor. There were hundred year old movie cameras, Yoda, a voice-over studio, and a interactive stop motion display where I made the film above. Even though the film goes a bit too fast to follow, it was so much fun to do that I made several films…but in my excitement, I think I sent at least one of them to the wrong email address. Whoops.

There was also a section explaining how television works. Apologies to my high school physics teacher who explained light and sound and motion to me, but I still don’t quite get it. Though I get it a little better after listening to the museum explanation a few times.

Over on the Henson side of things there were actual muppets (!!!!) including Kermit, Bert & Ernie and Miss Piggy in her wedding dress. There were also some of the most entertaining commercials I’ve ever seen, featuring Jim Henson’s early work.

I wasn’t the only one charmed by the whole set up. His work spans such a wide generation and is so high quality that everyone was walking around with the same expressions on their faces that kids who actually believe in Santa Clause have when they visit the Mall Santa. We’re hooked on Henson.

The rest of the museum was equally awesome and filled with scale models from movies, costumes, fan magazine’s from the 1920’s.

After discovering a few years ago that the Kodak Theatre where the Oscars ceremony is held is in a shopping mall (omg, broke my heart) the magic of Hollywood was lost to me. The Museum of the Moving Image helped bring back the fun of film. And it was education! I love you, museums.

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