Ice Cream Sunday @ New Amsterdam Market

You taste the best KINGLeche Cremes!

The first thing I ate at the ice cream festival was a popsicle. What? I got to the ice cream eventually.

Today’s New Amsterdam Market featured their second annual Ice Cream Sunday. The ten vendors scoopin’ up the goods included The Bent Spoon, Blue Bottle Coffee, Early Bird Cookery, Marlow & Sons, KINGLeche Cremes, La Newyorkina, Steve’s Ice Cream, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, Victory Garden and Otto Enoteca Pizzeria.

Naturally, I started with the first frozen desert to cross my path: Brewla Bars. (Truth be told, I do have some will power, as I passed up Mr. Softee and Dipin’ Dots on my way to the market.) At Brewla Bars I picked up The Doctor aka a rootbeer popsicle. It didn’t live up to the rootbeer popsicle memories of my youth, but maybe if I had been eating it dressed in a dripping wet bathing suit standing next to the freezer in my aunt’s garage I would have given it higher marks.

On to the ice cream! Don’t know if all the frozen goodness was playing tricks on my brain, but it seems that the more I ate, the better the stuff got.

First up was a scoop of the salty caramel at Steve’s Ice Cream. It was good, but didn’t have any zing factor to it.

Next, I headed over to Early Bird Cookery where I tried a sample of hay ice cream (they steep the hay in milk like you’ve steep tea in water) and a sample of butter milk in cookies ice cream before buying a cone of corn and caramel ice cream. All of the new (to me and probably you, too) flavors tasted nice, and I have to give them bonus points for piling on the free samples before I even asked.

Finally, the best of the best (and the only one without a web site to link to), KINGLeche Creme. I tried both of their flavors: roasted peach lavender and honey bourbon. Out of everything I tasted, these guys had the strongest flavors. Plus they were unique flavors. The only downside was the honey bourbon seemed to have so much alcohol in it that it didn’t freeze well, but I am not one to complain about too much alcohol in my ice cream.

Here’s what the highlights of Ice Cream Sunday at the New Amsterdam Market looked like.

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