Wanderlust yoga assumes the position at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

probably discussing football stats

Wanderlust is a group of touring yoga teachers that hold classes with live music in interesting venues around the country. They also have a blog with how-to video clips in case you can’t make it to a show.

On a recent Saturday they were hosting sessions at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and being a fan of yoga and smaller concert halls I thought it would be interesting to check out. My friends all refused to go with me.

One friend asked, “Do you know what kind of people hang out there?”

The last time I was asked that question, I was in middle school and getting lectured about why it was a bad idea for me and my best friend to hang out on the roof of a parking garage.

This time, the people in question would be snobs or hipsters or some apocalyptic hybrid version, because that’s the only possible result when you combine yoga with live music in Williamsburg.

Either I’m turning to the dark side myself and didn’t notice the awfulness, or it really wasn’t that bad. Plus, we got a ton of swag, like a yoga mat and bag, and energy bars.

Our session was hosted by Schuyler Grant and Elena Brower, and the live music was from Garth Stevenson, Forro in the Dark and Karsh Kale.

So if they come to your town, check them out. It’s not that bad, I promise.

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