Guggenheim Lab mixes up some Warhol history

thinking caps and smarty pants

Kinda like a big tent circus for intellectuals, the Guggenheim Lab is parked on Houston Street in NYC until October 16. They bill their set up as “A mobile laboratory traveling around the world to inspire innovative ideas for urban life.” (Dream big, people.)

I went to a Sunday Salon Series, hosted by local artist Clayton Patterson, to hear playwright Jeremiah Newton discuss the life of Candy Darling, his late friend and the subject of his new play.

Never heard of Candy Darling? Me neither. But she hung out with the Warhol crowd and was a famous transsexual actress in the 1970’s.

Actually, I’ve heard references to her in The Velvet Underground’s song Candy Says and in Lou Reed’s song Walk on the Wild Side. So it was nice to make the connection to the real Candy.

The jury’s still out on the inspiration and innovative ideas I hatched at the Lab, but there are worse pop-ups to visit on Houston Street. Go while you can.

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