Veggie Galaxy feeds the overachievers between Harvard and MIT

vegan cheesecake is against my religion

“I didn’t do it on purpose. It just happened,” is a phrase I use a lot. Usually when I’m talking about my fashion choice for the day.

The phrase can also be used to explain why I ate bacon before going to Veggie Galaxy, a new vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge, MA.

But never mind the porcine details.

The Galaxy is a new diner that recently opened next door to Mary Chung on Mass. Ave. If you’re not familiar with Cambridge, that’s the street that runs (across the city, yes, but) between Harvard and MIT. They’re smart. You’re not. Deal.

Everything’s vegetarian and most can be made-to-order vegan, if that’s your thing. Sometimes vegetarian meals can be hit or miss with the flavor, as in, it just ain’t there. But I rated my meal as the best I’ve had in weeks.

I ordered the Mass Ave. omelet, which was filled with grilled leeks, Vermont goat cheese and mashed sweet potatoes with balsamic on top. The idea of the sweet potato and goat cheese combination threw me at first, but it ultimately worked in my mouth.

And the cliental provided some good eye candy, too.

p.s. I still ❤ Cambridge, even if I left it for NYC

2 thoughts on “Veggie Galaxy feeds the overachievers between Harvard and MIT

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