School of Seven Bells energize hMag Music Fest

if you close your eyes, Hoboken looks just like Brooklyn

Wouldn’t it be awesome to go to a free music festival where the stage is set up along the waterfront and the skyline of Manhattan is the backdrop?

One would think, and yet…

Let’s just say the hMag Music Festival in Hoboken was a bit awkward. The headliners included School of Seven Bells and The Walkmen, but for some reason (Sunday football? Hoboken itself?) not that many people showed up. I arrived around the time The Kickdrums started playing, and the there was lots of open space in front of the stage for dog walkers and young families to roam. Which they did.

Awkward. And this in spite of the fact that there were banners for corporate sponsors and a VIP area. Double awkward.

When School of Seven Bells began unloading their gear, the vibe started to pick up (yey!). A crowd gathered at the front of the stage (just like at a real concert) and soon everyone was whipping out their iPhones (because as I’ve mentioned before, that’s the law around these parts).

Check out the video below to hear the band channeling their inner Kate Bush and singing one of their more up tempo songs.

Oh, so you wanna see what the “music festival” looked like before the sun set and the people arrived? Below is the scene right after The Kickdrums took the stage.

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