Timid Kiwis play CMJ showcase at Le Poisson Rouge

girl strapped a My Little Pony to her head, stuck a saw between her thighs and hit the stage

The CMJ music fest kicked off in NYC today. It’s like the northerner’s version of Austin’s SXSW, in case you need a reference.

Le Poisson Rouge was hosting several events, including a free New Zealand @ CMJ Showcase. It was my first CMJ and I was fearing long lines and obnoxious crowds. Instead, the Kiwis were such gracious hosts, I could have mistaken it for the Canadian showcase, dontcha know.

Before the main doors opened, the front bar was serving free pizza, beer and wine. Then, when the doors opened there was free Vodka and meat pies from Down Under Bakery (DUB). All this, plus free music, which was the original reason I showed up. Hello, good party planning skills.

The bands seemed slightly intimidated by the crowd, but when half the people there are shoving SLRs in your face, it’s only natural.

I stuck around to watch Princess Chelsea (cutest cover of Your Woman sung with strong New Zealand accents), Andrew Keoghan (treating his violin like a guitar), Pikachunes (telling us to dance) and The Golden Awesome (just check out the video below).

2 thoughts on “Timid Kiwis play CMJ showcase at Le Poisson Rouge

  1. D Berry

    As much as I love New Zealand (South Island – Christ Church, mountains, rain forests), I have never heard of any band from New Zealand. Do they have any distinctive styles or do they simply cover American songs?

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