Murakami madness takes over Symphony Space just in time for 1Q84

dear isaac, i have always liked your hair

Have you seen the massively thick 1Q84 taking center stage in book store windows? Author Haruki Murakami has a bit of a cult following. His latest novel is weighing down bookstore shelves and inspired Symphony Space to celebrate him with the reading Selected Shorts: Murakami Madness!

I’ve never read Murakami. But I’ve been looking for some new fiction to check out and the same day I was reading reviews for 1Q84, I saw the ad for Murakami Madness! I kind of have a thing for celebrity book readings, and this time the list of bold-named readers was packed with Jane Curtin (old school SNL), Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show), Campbell Scott (Secret Lives of Dentists), Miriam Silverman (Septimus and Clarissa), Parker Posey (Best in Show), writers John Wray and Andre Holland, and designer Isaac Mizrahi.

Hands down, my favorite part of the night was Isaac Mizrahi hilariously describing his love fore Murakami. There were random tangents, bold gestures and in-person Isaac being the same Isaac that makes me smile when he’s on tv and in Vogue. He told the audience that he enjoys Murakami so much that he never reads the whole book, he always saves a bit in case a nuclear holocaust hits and he needs something to look forward to.

After sitting through the two-intermission long reading, I’m not sure I’d do the same. I wanted to love it, but the readings seemed drawn out. I just wanted the stories to get to the point. Maybe it’d be different if it was just me and the text alone, reading and being read.

Let’s just say I’m not in the cult yet.

Let’s read: Campbell Scott, Miriam Silverman, Jane Curtain, Parker Posey, John Wray, Andre Holland

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