Mike Doughty brings reliably good music (and silly string) to the Bowery Ballroom

Music that makes the world look more beautiful is the best kind of music. That’s kind of how I feel when I listen to Mike Doughty and that’s what I was feeling when his band started playing at New York’s Bowery Ballroom Saturday night.

It was the last show of their Yes And Also Yes tour (take that, Brooklyn Bowl).

I got passed a copy of Skittish, his first solo album after departing the band Soul Coughing, when I was 18 and I’ve basically been listening to it on heavy rotation ever since. It’s actually the only Doughty album I own, which is strange considering I love it so much and many other albums have followed. Sometimes one is enough.

None of the songs from that album made it into Saturday’s set list, but I’ve heard enough of his other stuff on the radio that there were some familiar notes. (Although, the cheese-ball in me was hoping to hear “Thank you Lord, for sending me the F train” since I took the F train to the show, but alas, I just had to hum it to myself).

The band Moon Hooch (maybe you’ve seen them performing in the subway?) opened, and bravely endured a silly string attach from Mike Doughty’s band mates disguised in beards, while Doughty watched from the doorway.


Here’s a video of Mike doughty performing “Looking at the world from the bottom of a well.”


And here’s a video of him performing “I hear the bells.”


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