Newseum makes me feel ok about journalism school debt

I finally made it down to the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and happily it lived up to the hype my friends who had gone before had showered upon it.

In case the museum’s name doesn’t spell it out for you, it’s a museum about the news. Print journalism, broadcast media, photojournalism, it’s all there.

So, here’s a little background about ZsaZsa: I went to grad school for journalism and now I owe a shit ton of money in student loans. Beyond the obvious reasons why this blows, it also makes me sad that I invested so much in my education, and as of yet, have not managed to win a Pulitzer before the age of 30.

Howeverz, the Newseum makes me feel like I invested in a noble profession. Which is honestly how I feel anyway, but seeing the concept in physical, museum form makes it more real.

But enough about me. It’s a great place. I was there on September 11, and admission was free, but if you’re planning a trip, keep in mind this is one D.C. museum with an entry fee.

There’s some disturbing stuff in the museum, like the Unabomber’s shack (creepy vibe alert) but also some funny stuff, like political cartoons through the ages. There’s also a replica of a printing press and a stuffed carrier pigeon just to remind us that we should stop complaining about slow internet speeds.

Halfway through the museum journey, my friend and I heard a man on his cell phone going on and on about how great the museum was. We thought he was an employee. Pretty sure he wasn’t. He started on one level telling the person all about the exhibits he was seeing, and then when we went down a level to look at presidential photographs, he was one step behind, continuing his narrated tour. I’d have been annoyed if I wasn’t sharing the same level of enthusiasm.

p.s. When you go, don’t forget to pick up tchotchkes in the gift shop covered in phrases like, “Not tonight dear…I’m on deadline.”

p.s.s Can someone buy me a Newseum apartment for my birthday?

from the hurricane katrina exhibit. when the power goes on your ADT security system, just try humor

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